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Why I Created Southern Sugah?

I am often asked, "Why did you create Southern Sugah?" I was already creating body scrubs for self-pampering treats ("ME" time) and always love how great my skin felt afterwards. Over the last 10 years, I really started making my mind, spirit, body and overall health a priority. This new way of thinking lead to me consider the health ramifications of everything that I eat and drink. I started reading labels and taking a closer look at the ingredients that are used in most store brand bath products and was alarmed to learn of so many harmful ingredients that are used. I thought about the many body scrubs, soaps, body washes and body sprays that I had used RELIGIOUSLY. 

Before getting pregnant with my youngest son, I started on a path to eating healthier, stopped drinking a lot of soda (oh, how I loved an ice cold Coca-Cola) and exercising like I did before getting married--that was a real mission. So, with the change in eating habits and moving more, I pondered on other changes that I needed to consider about living and leading a healthier lifestyle. This shift in thinking, caused me to really think about my skin and everything that comes in contact with it.  Our skin absorbs everything that we put on it from perfumes, creams and lotions, soaps, and even cleaning products.  I must admit, I wasn't always using gloves when I used bleach or other household cleaners. I had started noticing how this would cause irritation to my hands or any where on my arms that may have come into contact with these chemicals. 

I had often been asked about what I was doing to stay looking so youthful and would often get compliments on my skin and how it appears to radiate.  I would just share that I use a highlighter for that "surreal glow" until someone actually mentioned that I didn't have on make-up. At this time, I was creating, making, and using my own body scrubs and I would use them on my face at least once a week.  I have created a proprietary blend of the ratio of organic cane sugar, pink Himalayan sea salt, coconut oil and shea butter that I absolutely love.  It is not heavily laden with unnecessary amounts of oils  yet it moisturizes the skin without leaving the skin feeling greasy.  

One of my sisters, Barbara, once designed and sold shirts with the words Southern Sugah printed on them.  I have always been a fan of those words and I asked her permission to revive the name and use it for my product line.  I love that the body scrubs are formulated using organic cane sugar and pink Himalayan sea salt and how those words, Southern Sugah, relates.  I have always been a creative spirit and by creating this product line, I get to use my creative energy to put my love of better ingredients into products that I love to use and want to share with others.

I hope you have a wonderful experience using Southern Sugah products and that you share the love!

Stay Sweet Sugahs!